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Metaverse is one of the FASTEST-Growing Topic nowadays. Especially.. during its early adoption! 

Affiliates who put affiliate products and Ezoic Ads in Metaverse Topic inside their articles are raking in six-figure incomes every month.

What is their secret?

Most of the time, they do it by making a helpful content that gain trust and encourage people to do the right action. 

The reader will stay on the website so long and engage with the helpful content in there. As a result, you’ll make money when they buy products or clicking the ads from your post.

But, there’s a catch

This may seem easy, but it’s really a lot simpler to say than to actually execute.

In order to get started, you’ll need to:

  • Perform thorough research on the topic
  • Write amazing articles that convert
  • Putting the Keywords on H1, H2, text, etc
  • And constantly work for months to get results from SEO efforts..

It takes a lot of time and effort that doesn’t guarantee results! 

People are paying hundreds of dollars.. 

just for a single SEO-Optimized bog post written by English native speaker. Take a look at this:

Yes, that’s correct. Most of the time, it costs that much if you want a native speaker to write quality content that converts!

That’s why I came up with this product!

Assume that everything is taken care of for you. You only need to copy and paste these writings on platform like Medium, Quora, Facebook, or Your OWN Website. 

The research has already been done for you. In the worst case scenario, rewriting the content would be A LOT easier than starting from scratch. 


Mastering Metaverse (50 PLR Content)

Your License Rights:
Here is what you CAN and CANNOT do with it:

Here’s a sample of how the article looks like:

…and unlike most PLR providers who deliver you just TXT files, I deliver these in Ms Word format.

This way, I can give the article proper Headings (H2, H3, H4, etc) with SEO Keywords inserted. It’s all Done For You!

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Hi mate, it’s David here!

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Here's What You Get for Purchasing My Mastering Metaverse PLR Content:

Module 1

50 High-Quality PLR Articles

Do you know why most PLR content doesn’t work? because most PLR sellers usually Re-write mainstream, saturated PLR topics, sell it for the sake of profit by persuading you with their good looking landing page.

This is not the content that people after online. Instead, people are looking for articles that are full of details, helpful, honesty, and if possible, the one that tells a story. The content I have here is exactly what people want to read online and shop for legit recommendation.

Here are The Titles Inside:

  • Are Metaverse Coins A Good Investment? (638 Words)
  • How to Buy Metaverse Stocks? (527 Words)
  • Are Metaverse Stocks A Good Investment? (676 Words)
  • What Is a Metaverse Coin? (708 Words)
  • What Are Metaverse Stocks?(638 Words)
  • Can Metaverse Make You Rich? (538 Words)
  • Can Metaverse Be Hacked? (536 Words)
  • Can Metaverse Fail? (642 Words)
  • Can Metaverse Work Without Blockchain? (530 Words)
  • Can Metaverse Be Dangerous?(696 Words)
  • Can Metaverse Be Stopped? (573 Words)
  • Can Metaverse Make Money? (612 Words)
  • Can Metaverse Be 2D? (501 Words)
  • How Metaverse Works (642 Words)
  • How Metaverse Will Change The World (764 Words)
  • How Metaverse Real Estate Works (674 Words)
  • How Metaverse Looks Like (595 Words)
  • How Metaverse Makes Money (638 Words)
  • How Metaverse Will Change Marketing (638 Words)
  • How Metaverse Will Operate in 2025 (565 Words)
  • How Metaverse Land Works? (634 Words)
  • What Metaverse Coins Are On Coinbase? (683 Words)
  • What Metaverse Stocks To Buy (631 Words)
  • What Metaverse Crypto To Buy (558 Words)
  • What Metaverse Is Facebook Using? (550 Words)
  • How Metaverse Land Works? (634 Words)
  • What Metaverse Coins Are On Coinbase? (683 Words)
  • What Metaverse Stocks To Buy (631 Words)
  • What Metaverse Crypto To Buy (558 Words)
  • What Metaverse Is Facebook Using? (550 Words)
  • Metaverse For Education (609 Words)
  • Are Metaverse Coins Halal? (480 Words)
  • Which Metaverse Has The Most Users? (670 Words)
  • Which Metaverse Platform Is Best (571 Words)
  • Which Metaverse To Join? (616 Words)
  • Who Coined Metaverse? (622 Words)
  • Who Sells Metaverse Crypto (590 Words)
  • What NFT Should I Buy Right Now? (792 Words)
  • What NFT Sold For The Most Money? (838 Words)
  • What NFT Did Eminem Buy? (518 Words)
  • Metaverse Is Dangerous: Here’s Why! (557 Words)
  • Metaverse Is The Matrix, Here’s Why! (576 Words)
  • Metaverse Is Just VRchat, Really? (596 Words)
  • Metaverse With Chinese Characteristics (586 Words)
  • Metaverse With Oculus Quest 2 (604 Words)
  • The Metaverse With the Most Users (618 Words)
  • Metaverse With Valve Index (514 Words)
  • Metaverse With Unreal Engine (579 Words)
  • Metaverse Without VR: Is It Possible? (617 Words)
  • PORTL Early Review: Metaverse Without Headset? (636 Words)

That’s over 20K words overall! Something that would cost you thousands of dollars if you want to outsource the work somewhere else!

Module 2 

Keyword List and KW MindMap

Over the past 25 years, Keyword MindMap has never been included in ANY PLR offers. I want to revolutionize the industry by including these.

So, you know exactly what questions that people searched on Google about this topic and understand the metrics visually.

Module 3 

Affiliate Program List

I care so much about how you can make money from my PLR content.

Therefore, I included some high-paying affiliate programs  in this niche. This way, you will do less research and spend your time more productively.

Module 4 

Unristricted PLR Rights

Use the content in any way you want! Here are a few ideas:

  • Use it on your own blog
  • Compile it as an eBook
  • Rewrite or resell it as is!
  • Give it away as a bonus
  • Repurpose the content as a video or audiobook
  • Translate it to make the content unique
  • Answer Quora questions with it
  • The sky’s the limit!

My VIP Bonus

Smarter PLR Profits

This is the secret guide I made myself, I didn’t sell it online or give it away for free to people (personal use license). It shows you how you can get most out of my PLR content so you get the highest profit possible.

The best part is, some of the techniques I shared here is something you’re not gonna find on Youtube or Google.

Do you know why?

Because I have met many “silent marketers” on Fiverr who bank hard from PLR content in the way I could’ve ever imagine myself. And they still make a good money by using the PLR as is (yup, little to no modification done!)

I quickly jot down their strategies in the best way I can, compile it in one easy-to-read guides, and share it to you as a bundle of this package. You will learn:

  • How to bank hard from PLR articles by publishing them as is
  • How to make money from PLR articles with little modification
  • How to earn LIFETIME commission and revenue with PLR Rewrite

Let’s recap everything you will get:

  • 50 PLR Articles written by Native Speaker with 500-800 words each (Worth $1200)
  • SEO optimization (Keywords inside the article) (Worth $200)
  • Keyword List and Keyword MindMap (Worth $100)
  • High-Paying Affiliate Recommendation in this niche  (Worth $100)
  • Unrestricted PLR Rights (Worth $600)
  • Smarter PLR Profits (Worth $300)


Considering all the efforts I manually do, I previously sold this product for $197. Because the demands are high, I want to give you guys a serious price cut off.

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P.S. All purchases are final and there is no money-back guarantee. You are going to get exactly what we have offered on this page. You will get more valuable written-content with my PLR package, not artworks you can make for FREE on Canva.

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